New Paradigms for Service-Based Businesses

We’re all exhausted, our clients are burned out like we are, and we struggle with balancing our value, our pricing, and our accessibility.

And we’re tired of being ground up in the toxic productivity culture and entrepreneur industrial complex.

Here are 5 paradigm shifts in 2022.

  1. Transparent Program Costs/Ranges: Sales calls shouldn’t be a high-stakes affair, and let’s acknowledge that people have budgets. Publish your program prices or your general ranges so that your clients can decide whether the investment is right to respect your time and theirs.
  2. High-Consent Sales Processes: Provide the ability to opt out to a sales sequence while still remaining connected to your body of work. Let’s stop triggering FOMO, manufacturing scarcity, and let’s provide our community options to choose.
  3. Sliding Scale Pricing Models: Set up a sliding scale that name prices and economic indicators to choose an accessible price, an at-cost price, or a price that covers more than the cost of the course/service. While we’re at it, let’s avoid punitive payment plans that disproportionally impact those who need to manage their cash flow.
  4. Setting Upfront Communication Standards: Set boundaries for your communication from your clients but also your communication TO your clients. Communicate statuses clearly, set realistic deadlines for each other, and help each party remain in good partnership.
  5. Normalizing Pleasure, Rest, Time Off Work: rest is our birthright. Do I need to say more?

What paradigm shifts can you incorporate this year?

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Jessica Lackey

Jessica Lackey

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